Microsoft Active Directory Integration

The client has about 200 employees working in 10 cities across three states, and wanted to integrate them into a custom WordPress-based workflow automation site.

  • Challenge

    Allow the company’s users to seamlessly view the private WordPress site without having to remember another password or retype their Windows domain credentials.

    In addition, they wanted to keep the list of WordPress users in sync with their Active Directory, and map Windows roles to specific WordPress roles.

  • Solution

    Sometimes you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We tested several commercial solutions that integrates Active Directory users with WordPress.

    After careful review, we implemented a solution that allows seamless login to WordPress from the Windows domain, while allowing custom mapping of Windows group to WordPress roles.

  • Benefits

    From the end user’s perspective, the private intranet is just another Line of Business application that they have secure access to, and it automatically recognizes their identity and access level.

    From a corporate technology perspective, they don’t have to manually create/deactivate WordPress users each time an employee is hired or leaves, reducing their administrative load.

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