Live Game Scoring

The client runs a website focused on high school athletics. They wanted the ability for team managers to post live updates and scores to the website from each event.

  • Challenge

    Team managers needed a cost-effective method to post scores and updated to the main website.

  • Solution

    We decided a responsive mobile web application was the quickest and easiest to implement and maintain solution. Creating a mobile web application allowed us to bypass the longer native application build and app store review process. 

    In addition, there would only be a single code-base to maintain, and any future updates/enhancements would be instantly available without an app update.

    Using custom post types, BespokeWP created a mobile website that allows team manager to post scores and game updates to the website.

    A custom API endpoint on the website received and parsed the updates before displaying them on the site. Since the site is built on WordPress, administrators can easily update the scores and updates as needed.

  • Benefits

    By choosing to deliver a web application, we provided the customer a cost-effective and quick to deploy cross-platform solution.

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