Legacy eCommerce Migration

The client is one of the nation’s premier suppliers of parts for classic American cars. They needed to migrate their online store to a modern platform.

  • Challenge

    The client’s online store was almost twenty years old; it was custom PHP code that wouldn’t work on PHP 7, had numerous security holes and was no longer supported by the original developers.

  • Solution

    The immediate first step was to stabilize the current store while we migrated to WooCommerce. Since the store ran on an old version of PHP and Linux, we virtualized the server and performed security patches. We also plugged as many security holes as possible.

    Finally, we wrote a custom ETL (Extract Transform Load) routine to export the product data, and after a deep data cleanup we were able to recreate the product database in WooCommerce.

    We worked with the client to verify the accuracy of the products before we turned off the virtual server.

  • Benefits

    The client’s online store now runs on a modern and scalable platform, and the client can easily self-administer the products and orders.

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