Custom Property Database

The client is a commercial real-estate broker, with a portfolio of several hundred commercial buildings. They wanted an easy way to manage their listings and make them available for the public to search.

  • Challenge

    Unlike residential listings which use the IDX standard, commercial listings don’t have a cost-effective centralized listing service. 

  • Solution

    Custom post types were created to store property details, such as address, square footage, amenities, etc. In addition, we wrote a custom hook that sent the the property data to a custom MySQL database. This allowed us to “flatten” some of the listing’s properties for quicker searches.

    We worked closely with the client’s design team and designed several custom theme template files to display the search form, results and property details.

    Finally, we created a custom data feed that allows the property listings to be syndicated to external platforms.

  • Benefits

    The client has an easy to use website that allows them to self-manage commercial property listings.

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